What To Take When You Must Evacuate

Tips from the "Utah Living With Fire" program

When disaster strikes and you need to evacuate, what should you take? Below are some ideas:

  1. Go Early:
    By leaving early, you will give your family the best chance of surviving a wildfire. You also help firefighters by keeping roads clear of congestion, enabling them to move more freely and do their job.
  2. Make a Kit:
    Keep a pair of shoes and a flashlight handy for a night evacuation.
    Keep the six "P's" ready, in case an immediate evacuation is required:
    • People and pets
    • Papers, phone numbers, and important documents
    • Prescriptions, vitamins, and eyeglasses, hering aids and batteries
    • Pictures and irreplaceable memorabilia
    • Personal computers (information on portable storage device)
    • "Plastic" (credit cards, ATM cards) and cash
  3. Other items that may help:
    • Battery-operated radio and flashlight with extra batteries
    • Infant care items such as formula, food, wipes, and disposable diaper
    • Special dietary food if required
    • Photos/video of the inside of your house (for insurance purposes)
    • Personal hygiene items such as soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothbrush, aspiring, antacid, etc.
    • Change of clothing
    • Nonperishable foods that do not need cooking and water
    • Sleeping bag or blanket, sheets, and pillow

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